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Summer Fencing @ Vivo!

Our school-year based BEGINNER terms have all started for 2018-2019. But we have summer fencing! KIDS LEARN TO FENCE HALF DAY CAMP is August 19-23rd. We’d love to hear that you are interested and answer any questions you may have. CLICK HERE.

Vivo Fencers can sign up for M/W Evening ALL SUMMER FOR ALL Summer classes July 9 - August 28th.

Our Sleep Away Camp for more experienced fencers from Vivo AND other clubs is August 11-18 at CAMP SKYLEMAR

Plan Now for Fall Fencing 2019.

Fill out our interest form by clicking here.

We provide all equipment for beginner classes.

Plan Your Schedule NOW for Fall Fencing 2019. Kids Beginner Classes are held Tuesdays OR Thursday 4-5pm.

Teens/Adults Tuesday OR Thursdays at 7pm. A 7-week term is $175 Plus an annual $10 US Fencing Association membership


About Vivo Fencing Club

Founded in 2012, Vivo Fencing Club teaches both foil and épée classes to beginners through elite competitive fencers. We are now located in Haverhill, MA – which is about 35 miles north of Boston. The club has 15 electric strips, laid out using resilient sports flooring, in a 12-month climate-controlled salle. There is plenty of parking available right outside the door.  We supply all of the fencing equipment for our beginner classes, making Vivo a great place to try out the Olympic sport of fencing. Fencing requires a combination of athleticism and strategy – some liken it to “physical chess.” Our coaches reflect the best in the sport: Arpad Horvath is a former World Champion, and Molly Sullivan Sliney is a two-time Olympian. Come check us out. We are ready to welcome you. As we say, “En garde!”


"The skills taught at Vivo by the amazing coaches Arpi and Molly have carried over into my daughter's life outside of the club. She has a new sense of confidence, determination, and focus apparent on and off the fencing strip." -Nicole, parent


Phone & EMAIL




40 Rogers Road,
Haverhill, MA




Vivo Club Owner, Coach and World Champion Arpad Horvath began fencing in Budapest, Hungary in 1989 and was a Hungarian National Team member for six years in a row.  Arpad won the Under-17 World Championship as well as the Under-20 European Championship and received a full scholarship from St. John’s University in New York.  There, he went on to become a two-time individual NCAA men’s epee champion.  Arpad has been coaching for 12 years and has been in coaching in Massachusetts since 2010. He founded Vivo Fencing Club in 2012.



Molly Sullivan Sliney was a member of the 1988 and 1992 United States Olympic fencing teams. She also won two gold medals in the 1987 and 1991 Pan American Games. While fencing for the University of Notre Dame, she was the NCAA Women's Foil Individual Champion in 1986 and 1988. Molly also was U.S. National Champion in 1985. In 1987, she led the Notre Dame Women's Foil Team to an NCAA championship by posting a 10-0 record in the tournament. This was the first time the Fighting Irish had ever won an NCAA Women's title in any sport. She graduated with a 160-14 record, and Notre Dame named her 1980s Female Athlete of the Decade.  Molly has been an active public speaker and fencing instructor in the greater Boston area since 1992.


Summer Programs 2019


FEATURING - FENCING + FUN SLEEP AWAY AT CAMP SKYLEMAR! $1250 Early Bird - Pay $500 Deposit by April 15 and balance by June 22. Regular register $1350 - pay $500 deposit at registration by May 15 and balance by June 22.. After that as space allows. - please email ann@vivofencingclub.com


Pre SN 2019.JPG

Pre SN Camp: Intensive Training with the best!

Intensive Training pre-Summer Nationals for kids going or not. Great experience!

Monday June 24 – Friday June 28

10am – 2:30pm each day.  Fencers bring their lunch, please.

$250/week.  Register here


Evening Classes @Vivo for All Vivo Fencers

July 8 – August 28 (No fencing Aug 12 and 14th) - Mondays and Wednesday Night Fencing

All Vivo Fencers eligible for this 7-week course. .  Class from 6-7pm, then 7-8pm. Open Fencing and Optional Private Lessons.

$250 summer package price for all ages. $30/for drop in. Private Lessons available for $35/20 minutes

Register here 


Beginner Youth Fencing Camp @ Vivo

For our once-a-week youth fencers  PLUS kids new to fencing. 

Monday Aug 19 – Friday Aug 23 in our air conditioned fencing club! 

10am – 2:30pm each day.  Fencers bring their lunch, please. We provide all equipment and do the rest. 

$250/week.  Register here


masthead rev skylemar.JPG

Fencing+Fun Sleep Away Camp@ Skylemar - August 11-18


What a great to spend a week of fencing PLUS fun. Camp Skylemar is a wonderful place to go for a custom Vivo-designed camp. This is a great fencing camp PLUS you won’t have to give up the best of a summer camp. Ages 10+ can apply.

World Champion Arpad Horvath and two-time Olympian Molly Sullivan Sliney will head up the staff. Counselors will supervise the girls and boys’ cabins and other activities. We will have an accredited waterfront director on staff to oversee water sports.

Program starts with lunch on Sunday August 11 and runs through mid-morning on Sunday August 18th.


We will set up the fencing strips in the Camp Gym for one good training period per day. The rest of the day will be spent at the water front (with an accredited waterfront director) or playing tennis, soccer, b-ball, 5-hole golf and mini-golf too, hiking, or even rainy day activities. At night - movies, skits perhaps, and of course, campfires!

AND THEN…there are all the other sports and camp activities to enjoy!

Basketball.  Tennis.  Soccer.  Archery.  Hiking.  Swimming, inflatable slides, kayaking, paddle boarding.  Golf.  Mini Golf, and more.  See photos below.

Cabin Living.  Family style meals with great choices.  Always salad and pasta bar.  Yummy homemade desserts.

Cookouts, camp fires, evening activities in the lodge.

full camp.jpg

FLy Over: link to a 6-minute fly over video of the camp!

Favorite lunches include chicken tenders, tacos, burgers and grilled cheese. Dinner is always special, with fresh baked rolls and the salad bar. If you don’t care for what’s served, there’s always pasta and other options.

There are cookout nights too, Desserts are homemade, and fruit is always available. If there are certain things you can’t have or need to have, the chef will take care of you!

Living in a Skylemar cabin is like a sleepover party. Not only are your friends in the room, but your counselors are there too. You’ll never feel alone at Skylemar. Each cabin has 5-8 campers and a counselor.


We will need you to please download and fill out these forms: We are setting these up now.

Personal Camper Information

Health Form - requiring doctors signature and vaccination history.

Just north of Sebago Lake on Lake

Just north of Sebago Lake on Lake


Camp Skylemar is located 2 hours north of Vivo and 55 minutes from Portland ME. It is run as a summer boys camp from July to early August. We will be using their facilities after their camp is complete. Established 65+ years ago, it is kept totally up to date and is now run by Arleen Shepherd, the daughter of the founder, along with her husband Shep Shepherd.

457 Sebago Rd, Naples, ME 04055

Cost and Timing

Early Bird -$1250 all inclusive: register and pay a $500 deposit by April 15 - and the balance by June 22

Regular - $1350. Pay your $500 deposit by May 15 and your balance by June 22

Late - still will be $1350, but only as space allows. Contact ann@vivofencingclub.com

Register and pay your deposit http://vivofencingclub.zenplanner.com



See below for our class descriptions and registration links. 

Click here to download:  Vivo Schedule 2019



Once a Week BEGINNER Youth/Teens/Adults – 1 class/week:  REGISTER NOW

  • 7-week session is $175

  • $10 non-competitive US Fencing Association Membership is required and we include it with your class package.

  • Refund policy for Beginner Classes: a full refund will be issued if notification is given prior to the second class.

Twice A Week Intermediate Youth – 2 classes/week plus open fencing on Saturday morning, if desired: REGISTER NOW

  • Monthly cost/class is $175. Recurring credit card payment is requested.

  • $175 Limited Vivo Annual Club Membership is required

  • $10 non-competitive US Fencing Association Annual Membership is required. Renew directly online at www.usfencing.org Upgrade to competitive membership when you start to compete!


  • Monthly cost/class is $100. Recurring credit card payment is requested.

  • $10 non-competitive US Fencing Association Annual Membership is required. Renew directly online at www.usfencing.org

Twice A Week Intermediate Teen/Adult – FOIL and EPEE - 2 classes/week:  REGISTER NOW

  • For the intermediate who wants to fence twice a week!

  • Monthly cost/class is $175. Recurring credit card payment is requested.

  • $175 Limited Vivo Annual Club Membership is required.

  • $10 non-competitive US Fencing Association Annual Membership is required. Renew directly online at www.usfencing.org

Competitive Youth – 3 classes/week plus optional open fencing on Saturday:  REGISTER NOW

  • This is a 10-month September-June program. Recurring credit card payments are requested.

  • $340/month class fee – includes 1 private lesson/week.

  • $300 Full Vivo Annual Club Membership

  • $75 competitive US Fencing Association Annual Membership is required. Renew directly online at www.usfencing.org

Advanced Competitive Plus – 3 classes/week plus open fencing on Saturday required:  REGISTER NOW

  • This is a 10-month September-June program. Recurring credit card payments are requested.

  • $460/month class fee – includes 2 private lessons/week.

  • $300 Full Vivo Annual Club Membership

  • $75 competitive US Fencing Association Annual Membership is required. Renew directly online at www.usfencing.org

How do the fees work?  There are three elements to our fees.  1) US Fencing Association membership, 2) Vivo Club Membership (for those who fence more than once a week, and 3) Vivo Class Fees:

US Fencing Association Membership:  All fencers at Vivo are required to be a member of the U.S. Fencing Association. There are non-competitive and competitive memberships.  Competitive fencers are expected to renew online directly with USFA.

Vivo Fencing Club Annual Membership: Fencers involved more than once a week also pay for club membership. This covers coaching at local competitions and allows the fencer to take private lessons.  Twice a week fencers take a Limited Vivo Membership ($175.)  More than twice a week fencers pay for a Full Membership ($300.)

Additional Private Lessons:  $35 per 20 minutes

HEMA:  Before you fence at Vivo - we require $10 USFA membership.  Click on HEMA at this link:. REGISTER NOW  For all other fees and information, please contact Jeff Tsay –  jeff@forteswordplay.com

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the beginner class refund policy?

For Beginner Classes only, a full refund will be issued if notification that you would not like to continue is provided prior to the second class.  

How do I know which class is right for my child?

If you are just starting, sign up for our of out 7-week Beginner terms.  If you have fenced before, one of the Vivo coaches will let you know which class is right for you. If your child has had fencing classes through a rec program or other club, we’ll evaluate your child and then place him or her accordingly.

What age do kids have to be to start fencing classes at Vivo?

We prefer to have kids be 7 years old before they start classes with us. That way, it’s easier for them to follow the class directions and be an important part of the class group.

What should my child wear?

Class members should bring athletic shoes, preferably court shoes, to wear on the strip. No open toed shoes are allowed. Please don’t wear your fencing shoes outside as we aim to keep the strips clean. You should wear warm-up pants and a tee shirt.  We do NOT allow shorts.

What about the fencing equipment?

Vivo provides all the equipment necessary for once-a-week classes. Fencers in the Intermediate and Competitive classes provide their own uniforms and equipment.

When should I get to Vivo?

Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before the class start time so that you can sign in, get your shoes on and be ready to start on time.

Where do I park?

Plenty of parking is available outside of the building.

Are you hard to find?

No,  We are now located in Haverhill .  Click here for our map and directions

What if I want to buy my own equipment?

Talk to us and we will make recommendations to you. We will order the equipment for you to ensure the correct fit and to save on your shipping costs.

Do I have to be a member of Vivo to take classes?

Participants in the once-a-week classes do not have to be club members.

All fencers in Intermediate and above must become members of the club.  We have two levels of membership.  $175 for the LIMITED Vivo Annual membership that covers twice-a-week fencers, and $300 FULL Vivo Annual membership for the competitive classes. This allows the fencers to take private lessons and covers coaching at local area competitions.

Do I have to join the US Fencing Association?

Non-competitive beginner fencers  and Intermediates must join the USFA at the $10 non-competitive rate. Competitive class fencers must have a competitive membership — the fee is $75 per year. As a USFA competitive member you are eligible to compete in USFA-sanctioned competitions.

What about private lessons?

Private lessons are included as part of the monthly package fee for competitive fencers.  Intermediate fencers can sign up for optional lessons at $35/20 minutes.  You can use our online private lesson scheduler to sign up.  



Birth Years for 2018-2019 Competitions

Junior                Cadet               Y14                 Y12                  Y10

1999-2005     2002-2005     2004-2007     2006-2009     2008-2011


Here is a link to a detailed Cadet/Junior/Open Competition schedule with registration deadlines and links (Thanks Gene!)

Here is a document for download for the Youth Competitive EPEE Class

Here is a document for download for the Advanced Competitive epee cLASS

USFA National Competition Schedule download 

Regional Competition Schedule is now available

Contact VIVO

Are you interested? Click here to fill out our interest form.

We are located in the Ward Hill section of Bradford – Exit 48 off of Rte 495, and also easily accessible from Rt. 125. Click the pin below to open the Google Map or click here.



40 Rogers Road
Haverhill, MA, 01835


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