Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the beginner class refund policy?

For Beginner Classes only, a full refund will be issued if notification that you would not like to continue is provided prior to the second class.  

How do I know which class is right for my child?

If you are just starting, sign up for one of our 7-week Beginner terms.  If you have fenced before, one of the Vivo coaches will let you know which class is right for you. If your child has had fencing classes through a rec program or other club, we’ll evaluate your child and then place him or her accordingly.

What age do kids have to be to start fencing classes at Vivo?

We prefer to have kids be 7 years old before they start classes with us. That way, it’s easier for them to follow the class directions and be an important part of the class group.

What should my child wear?

Class members should bring athletic shoes, preferably court shoes, to wear on the strip. No open toed shoes are allowed. Please don’t wear your fencing shoes outside as we aim to keep the strips clean. You should wear warm-up pants and a tee shirt.  We do NOT allow shorts.

What about the fencing equipment?

Vivo provides all the equipment necessary for once-a-week classes. Fencers in the Intermediate and Competitive classes provide their own uniforms and equipment.

When should I get to Vivo?

Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before the class start time so that you can sign in, get your shoes on and be ready to start on time.

Where do I park?

Plenty of parking is available outside of the building.

Are you hard to find?

No,  We are now located in Haverhill .  Click here for our map and directions

What if I want to buy my own equipment?

Talk to us and we will make recommendations to you. We will order the equipment for you to ensure the correct fit and to save on your shipping costs.

Do I have to be a member of Vivo to take classes?

Participants in the once-a-week classes do not have to be club members.

All fencers in Intermediate and above must become members of the club.  We have two levels of membership.  $175 for the LIMITED Vivo Annual membership that covers twice-a-week fencers, and $300 FULL Vivo Annual membership for the competitive classes. This allows the fencers to take private lessons and covers coaching at local area competitions.

Do I have to join the US Fencing Association?

YES. We will do this for NEW BEGINNERS. Intermediates must join the USFA at the $10 non-competitive rate. Competitive class fencers must have a competitive membership — the fee is $75 per year. As a USFA competitive member you are eligible to compete in USFA-sanctioned competitions.

What about private lessons?

Private lessons are included as part of the monthly package fee for competitive fencers.  Intermediate fencers can sign up for optional lessons at $40/20 minutes (as of Sept 1, 2019..  You can use our online private lesson scheduler to sign up.